Dear Lori,

Most likely, yes. I’ve been working in marketing, public relations, corporate communications and publishing since 1994 and have written what feels like nearly every type of communication. Web content, blogs and social media posts. Tons of press releases, op-eds, trade articles and public relations materials. Catalogs, research reports, annual reports, case studies, white papers and sell sheets. All sorts of collateral for trade shows, including session scripts and programs. Brand message and style guides. Written testimony submitted to government agencies during public comment periods. Even instructions for children’s games. Truck loads of print and electronic newsletters. Lots of strategic correspondence and ghost writing for c-suite executives. It’s easier to answer in terms of what I don’t write: fiction and grants.

Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter. Fundamental marketing and communication principles apply to any topic, industry and even medium. Effective communication begins by identifying objectives, target audience and the needs and concerns of that target audience to develop a communication strategy that informs the writing. This process results in well-crafted messages designed to interest, inform and persuade your audience to take action.

While I don’t limit my work to any one industry, I do carry extensive experience and pursue work in the produce and food marketing industries. My experience comes with particular skills in nutrition communications, nutrition policy and association and non-profit communications, governance and member relations. A personal interest in cooking, local food systems and sustainable agriculture has also filtered into my professional writing as well as volunteer work.

Yes, my skills extend to offer editing and proofreading services. Proofreading and editing assumes you’ve written a complete draft. When I proof a piece, I’ll review to ensure proper grammar, spelling, syntax, and style have been maintained as well as look for typographical and mechanical errors. Editing polishes draft copy to give the appearance a professional writer wrote it. This work requires the same checks as proofreading, but digs further into the copy to revise or reorganize in order to clarify meaning and ensure ease of reading.

Yes, I can help you develop a communications strategy that identifies goals, target audiences, key messages and the most appropriate corresponding communications medium.

The majority of my assignments don’t require any meetings, and I get the information I need by phone or email. Work begins by listening to your goals, objectives and parameters for the communication. I’ll gather information about your business and target audience. I’ll ask for any existing materials available that are relative to the assignment. When there are gaps in information, I’ll do my own research online. From there, I’ll organize concepts and build out the message. You’ll receive a first draft by email as a Word file to review and then communicate changes or corrections in whatever way works best for you. I’ll go back and make necessary edits, give you a second draft to review and by this time the draft typically gets approved, or we repeat the review process until the job is complete.

Sorry, I only do the messaging and writing. I do know and have worked with many talented graphic designers, web developers and printers and can give you recommendations and advice for how to move your piece down the production line.

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