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Lancaster Business 2 Business Magazine CoverGold Collar Workers Present Golden Opportunities,
B2B Magazines, Dec. 2008

This in-depth business story exploring the productivity distinction between gold-collar workers and gold-collar jobs, remains on the publication’s website as one of their “25 Most Popular Articles.” Read the “Gold-Collar Workers” here.

Eat, Drink and be Wary, B2B Magazines, Sept. 2008

This piece about managing corporate holiday party liabilities ran as the cover story. The editor liked it so much that he ran it again the following year in the publication’s “classics” edition. Read “Eat, Drink and be Wary” here.

Health Savings Accounts 2008, B2B Magazines, May 2008

This article published at a time when Health Savings Accounts first came on the scene. The analysis aimed at helping employers understand this healthcare tool and make informed decisions best for their business. Read “Health Savings Accounts 2008″ here.

Learning a Living, B2B Magazines, March 2008

Here’s a look at companies’ most valuable asset: people. This article explores how to develop and retain talent. The piece also explains how to partner with trade schools, universities and even high schools to educate young people about your industry. Read “Learning a Living.”

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