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NetZero Magazine CoverExpressly Local Food, NetZero, July/August 2011

An inspiring story of a woman who takes support of local farmers, Lancaster’s food system and sustainability to visionary levels. Read “Expressly Local Food” here.

The Real Shoofly Pie,
Edible Chesapeake, Summer 2009

Here’s a piece of shoofly pie history and an indigenous recipe preserved since the 1870’s. While shoofly is ubiquitous in Lancaster County, Pa., most people remain unaware of its significance and place in native Pennsylvania Dutch food. Read “The Real Shoofly Pie” here.

 Hanover, PA: Snack Capital of the Chesapeake?,
Edible Chesapeake
, Fall 2008

Southeastern Pennsylvania carries a pretzel and chip tradition dating back to the early 19th century, with Hanover, Pa.’s Utz Quality Foods and Snyder’s of Hanover at the heart.  Read “Hanover, PA: Snack Capital of the Chesapeake?” here.


Marvelous Chester County Mushrooms,
Edible Chesapeake, Summer 2008

Edible Chesapeake editors wanted a feature story that shed light on Pennsylvania’s dominance and history in the mushroom industry and the resulting edible traditions.  Read “Marvelous Chester County Mushrooms” here.

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